Spanish into English  Translation
Your words represent you.

Your translations should be messages just as thoughtful and precise as your original drafts in order to meet your needs, be they part of an efficient administrative formality or an effective communications strategy.

Based in La Rioja, I create Spanish into English translations for the wine, marketing, arts and culture, food and drink, and academic and tourism sectors, especially when geared to the US market.

Your reputation and tone in English deserve some TLC too. Let's make communication happen!

Proofreading and Editing
We could all use a second pair of eyes, even professionals!
I'd be happy to help you fine-tune and keep your text sharp. 
Tell me about your project. Are you looking to p
olish your thesis,  website content, report, abstract or article, application...?


Subtitles make videos accessible to a broader multilingual audience with diverse abilities through text search and the ability to watch, even when the sound is off.

Tell me how
 I can help make you internationally accessible with easy-to-read English subtitles that capture the full surround-sound feel of your video.

Localization into American English

Leverage my experience, skills, and resources for answers and solutions when you need to reach the US market, comply with American regulations or simply blend into the new world. 

Ask me about what you can expect in terms of American English and communications when exporting to the US, requesting a visa, publishing in English, collaborating with Americans...