Case study #1: English-language website for Bodegas Tierra Savia

Bodegas Tierra Savia needed to entice their non-Spanish-speaking audience and to clearly inform them about who Tierra Savia is and what they offer.

The translation implemented slight cultural adaptations to help non-local visitors get a grasp of the unique terroir. With just enough tech speak to inform but not overwhelm, we communicated the earthy wisdom and piqued the right interest.

Click on the link to check out the translation in situ.

Case study #2: English-language version of a pressbook for Producciones Anafilaxis
To present their film to their international market, Producciones Anafilaxis needed to explain the complex philosophy behind their experimental creation.

Checking that the English accurately conveyed numerous references to other films and philosophers in the filmmakers' unique style and then setting the ideas into precise turns of phrase that would connect with their professional audience was a stimulating challenge. 

Case study #3: Subtitles for recorded webinars for föra forest technologies
föra brought together forestry management professionals from across the sector with their webinars, and now they wanted to expand access to the critical conversation about changes in their industry.

Like in every profession, environmental experts  use very specific language to talk about their precise scientific occupation. The subtitling team worked together with föra to weave the right technical terms into natural impromptu speech to accurately characterise not only what was said, but the way it was said, jokes and all.

Watch a webinar with the English captions on YouTube.

Literary Translations
Job, Man of Sorrows, by Samuel de Roa

Samuel de Roa had already created an English-language version of a book he had first written in Spanish when he approached me with his request: could I check the language?

Job, Man of Sorrows was a fascinating journey into editing and polishing language to most effectively reach its enthusiastic audience. The delicate nature of Biblical translation and of citing diverse existing interpretations made for careful, reflective edits.

Text partially available for free here.

Luisa Grajalva found me through a professional translation association with a literary commission: her own collection of short stories.

Ranging from a single page to well-developed vignettes, each story encapsulated a unique world that needed to be distinguished from all the others. Beautiful wordplay sometimes went into building each world, which posed a motivating challenge to me as a translator in addition to my crucial task of telling an equally evocative story.

Translation not yet publicly available. Request it from Serie Gong Editorial.